Bound: tied with or as if with a rope
Affair(s): that which is done or is to be done; matter; concern;
as a different affair to manage; business of any kind, commercial, professional, or public; often is the plural.

Now let’s put the word Affairs next to Bound.

BOUND AFFAIRS…it sounds like a bomb or something, unless it hides a different meaning. It’s a concept /music band, something is happening here!!!

Maybe that’s because long before the three men who came together and formed the band, they already hit the mark with enough individual appearances to several gigs and now found the way to make their needs turn to a common vision.

So what about the future? The band arouses the idea to acquire their own separate identity, escaping the known musical stereotypes. With a lot of work in the studio and after the ideas of the members were put in order, the result of this creative collaboration was founded with the release of the first self titled album.

At this stage think is time to consider the line-up. There’s Stelios Draculis aka guitar/amp custom maniac. Started in his early youth punish his classic guitar, soon realized that music was his lullaby. As years gone by Stelios wanted more than anything to be a part  of a  rock band as a lead guitarist, so he bounced around from group to group to make his dream come true. As a founding member of Capo Di Monde (blues/rock band), made his debut as a singer (backing vox), later as a lead singer and now is the singer/guitarist of Bound Affairs.

The mysterious John Sakketos aka delay-man. Friends who know him say that he is one of the happiest people in the world because he works all day and all of the night with his love…MUSIC!!! He joined several bands in the past as a lead guitarist/singer. As a founding member of ASOTOI band did many live appearances to well known venues in Athens due to their debut album release. Now he is the owner of a music institute/lab called DIESI and of course the producer/keyboardist/guitarist of Bound Affairs and sometimes sings a little bit.

Konstantinos Amargianitakis born in Athens on August 1995. He started exploring the drum kit at the age of 14. After a year he started taking lessons with Stavros Daktylas at Diesi Music School. He had played with numerous bands in Athens mainly in Rock genre, Deathcrop Valley and Pecora Nera being some of them. His musical favors come from “groovy” black music including funk, jazz, blues and also from British rock and American modern rock.  His main influences are drummers like Benny Greb, Jojo Mayer,  Gavin Harrison and others. He joined Bound Affairs on the summer of 2014 and he recorded two tracks from the band’s second album.

Spyros Horomidis our keyboard player.

Last but not least our bass man is Kostas Ragazas.

That’s the script of our movie. Hope to see ya soon; we have much news coming next.





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